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Trener: mr. sc. Petar Majstrović 

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Sandoz Croatia has endorsed Petar Majstrović as consulatan/trainer at BEST PRACTICE business training and consulting - Education management

Petar prepared an excellent workshop about presentation skills. I have participated at a few similar workshops, however Petar had a quite unique approach and he used the right balance between theory and practice. With great examples he showed how an effective presentation should look like and he also focused on techniques which should be used by a presenter (body language, control of voice, positioning on stage,...). He emphasized that less is more and that practice makes perfect. During practical part, Petar gave very useful advices which really work and are easy to implement. Without a doubt, Petar is an expert in presentation skills and I would warmly recommend him to any team/company that has a need to improve presentation skills (I am sure you will be satisfied).

Service Category: Presentation skills. Year first hired: 2012. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Luka Cerar


I have been recently a part of professional sales training by Petar Majstrović. We worked on the training of negotiating, presenting and selling skills during May and June 2017. As I work in sales this training was extremely important for me. Petar is a top presenter, he knows how to motivate everyone and with incredible ability he transfer his knowledge and skills.

During the training he remind us how is important and crucial preparation, whether you are preparing for a meeting or the presentation. We all think we know how to sell, but with Peter I become aware that there's still so much to train for. He showed us how to be well organized and prepared in conversation and negotiating with customers.

I would recommend Peter to all, those who have been in this business for years and to those who are just starting. Thank you Petar for great atmosphere during the training, excellent performance and support.
Good luck and I hope to see you on some other training soon.

Tatijana Andrić,
Area sales manager


I was a participant of education in the field of sales management held by Mr. Petar Majstrovic. What is worth pointing out for the education is his excellence in merging case studies and theoretical methods, doing that with great expertise an enthusiasm. Therefore I decided to recommend Mr. Majstrovic as a great presenter who successfully presents best practices and follows the news related to sales management by linking them with examples from practice.

Service Category: Education
Year first hired: 2013.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Danijel Fatović

Director of Project Management Division (IT Sector) 

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